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“This is a book of unconventional wisdom, global and cosmic in scope. These universal ideas challenge all of us, and all cultural and religious belief systems, to constantly expand our horizons. They encourage us to look beyond the limited viewpoints of our individual ideologies, and to open our minds to larger possibilities.”
The Search For Meaning: A Fresh Perspective

Sacred Earth, Planet of Light examines the universal relationships in nature that connect each and every one of us to everything else on Earth. The writer/photographer, Ernest L. King, is a student of anthropology, cosmology, ecology and the world's religious and mystical traditions. He has synthesized the essential wisdom from these and other fields to create a vital message of planetary unity, cooperation and reverence for the natural world.

Here is a dynamic blending of nature, culture and spirit, with a mind-expanding scope of ideas. A breathtaking new worldview begins to unfold before your eyes. You will never again look at your world in the same way.

This finely crafted photo-essay contains 288 10-1/2"x12" pages, including 121 full-page color images that portray the exquisite beauty of our world. The text peers beneath the surface of all this beauty, examining the underlying interconnectedness of nature and revealing a new understanding of life's deeper meaning and purpose—a new vision of who we are and why we are here.

This vital new perspective on nature and spirituality is a fascinating, non-denominational exploration of religion's deeper roots in nature and the cosmos. The book's inspirational theme—the all-encompassing unity of creation that lies beneath the colorful diversity of nature—will appeal to thoughtful people everywhere, believers and skeptics alike.

With outstanding nature and wildlife photography and words that often evoke imagery as vivid as the photography, this powerful and timely message is an environmental tour de force.